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This is a set of about 800 production slides commonly used PPT icon, the first PPT template network provides slide icons for free download;

This icon includes:

Dialog PPT icon: such as text box, chat box, symbols and other icons;

Document class icons, such as: new, music, pictures, upload, download, save, CD, U disk, media stream, sound and other icons;

Internet icons such as: facebook, Twitter, google, Skype and other icons;

Commonly used object icons, such as: iPad, brand computers, laptops, monitors, power, battery, WiFi and other icons;

Life supplies icon, such as: folders, umbrellas, periscopes, folding feet, shoes, clothes, trophies, flashlights, cameras and other icons;

Weather icons, such as: rain, sunny, cloudy, sleet and other icons;

Mathematical symbols icon, such as: plus, minus, multiplication, exclamation mark, and so on;

This set of icons is almost able to meet your daily production of any demand for PowerPoint;

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